Frequently Asked Questions



What is the TGF process overview

The following is the simplied overview of the TGF process (life of the fund request):

Step-1: [You] Request to support a cause.

Step-2: [TGF-Team] Reviews and assigns project ID and project folder (Google Drive) 

Step-3: [You] Upload thedocuments, photos and videos. i.e Evidences to support the project request into the drive folder created in the above step.

Step-4: [TGF-Team] Reviews the evidences and funding status and make the decision and Notifies you of the decision made.


Step-5:  [You]  Complete the project by paying from your pocket. Collect and upload all the documents, photos and videos during and after the completion of the project. Submit a reimbursement form within 2 weeks of project completion

Step-6: [TGF-Team] Audits all the documents, photos and vides and if all looks OK, recommends to dispatch the check. 


You will be notified of the decision and the reason. Nothing more required after this.

Who is eligible to request for fund?

This fund request is available for active IndiaTEAM.Org members ONLY. Others, please send email to tgf@indiateam.org for your options.



Who should the receipts are addressed to?

Please make sure the bills/receipts are addressed To: “TEAM, USA”. All the receipts should have the store-address and phone where the items are bought. 



How do I submit for reimburement?

You will receive instruction on how to submit for reimbursement as soon as you complete the projects. Please make sure to collect all the quotes, receipts, documentats, photos and videos while executing the projects.